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On a worldwide base Silca is granting the immediate availability of very high quality products thanks to a widespread manufacturing presence in any continent of the world.

Manufacturing Sites:
Silca S.p.A. in Italy
Minda Silca Engineering Ltd. in India
Wah Yuet Group Holdings Ltd in China
Silca South America S.A. in Colombia

Core Business
Silca does not merely represent a trade name: it is more an approach to the Key business profession.

Business Model

Silca’s Business Model is a unique combination of: manufacturing worldwide presence extensive and innovative product range, balanced mix of direct and indirect distribution channels with capillary distribution.

Key Blanks

Silca’s core business is represented by the production of key blanks. Silca’s key blanks product range is one of the wider and more complete and updated world wide, with over 60.000 different key blank articles dedicated to any kind of use: from airplanes to mail-boxes keys. Every day two new keys are added to our key blanks catalogues.

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Discount Jerseys for sale